About the Groomers

We are family owned and operated and we love what we do! Becky began grooming as a teenager in 1999 and has been professionally grooming pets since then. Becky does the full haircuts on all of the little dogs and cats, and she feels it is immensely rewarding to groom a pet that was once nervous with the grooming process, but then learns that getting to see the groomer to ‘get pretty’ is fun!

Below is a before and after of a pup that was adopted the next day!

Clint is our groomer that bathes all of the big bath dogs and has likewise always loved dogs, which was what brought him and Becky together! Dogs just love him and always bound out of the trailer with a big smile on their faces when he is done bathing them.

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Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming is licensed and insured.