Monthly Archives: September 2016

Getting some Rocco love’n today! Today was his first Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming experience and he was nervous the first ten minutes or so, but then decided this grooming thing wasn’t so bad.


Fluffy is an older kitty and her long hair gets matted easily. Today she got a comb cut to take some length off, along with a bath, comb out, ear cleanings, and nail trim. She was done in less than an hour and is much more comfortable now.


Contrary to popular belief, cats benefit from regular grooming just like dogs do. While cats attempt to groom themselves, they cannot trim their own nails, wash grease from their coats, remove undercoat, or remove matting. Sass will be shedding a lot less after his lion cut.


Maya gets nervous going to a brick and mortar shop. Today she had a quick and comfortable bath and mini groom and was done within an hour. Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming is happy to provide happy grooming for dogs like Maya.


Jello was a bit of a wild man for grooming when I began working on him several months ago. He gets a bath every four weeks and is improving with every visit. Today he is sporting a necktie, like the gentleman Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming knew he could be.