Monthly Archives: June 2016

Wyatt had his first Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming haircut today, was super well behaved, and was accordingly told what a good boy he was, a lot. He looks pretty pleased with himself.


14-year-old Roxy is the ‘Roxy’s Remedies’ mascot. She will be the star of their upcoming photo shoot. They have a natural dog shampoo line specifically for dogs with skin problems.


Abbie had her first professional grooming today. All of the things that usually take some getting used to the first couple times- nails being clipped, hair being blow dried….she just sat and smiled for it all.


Reina is a 12-ish-year-old German shepherd and such a good girl! She had a lot of undercoat so she got a De-shed today and got to lay down on the table with the fan blowing on her for everything I could do with her laying down. Then when I asked […]