Monthly Archives: May 2016

Little Foot is prone to seizures, which can often be triggered by a high velocity dryer, so for his groom he gets the dryer on LOW without a nozzle. He was done in a little over an hour without any episodes. Yay! Here he is ham’n it up for the […]

Little Foot

Kirby had his first Blooming Dog Mobile Grooming bath and face trim today. He was afraid of the dryer, so we took the nozzle off and took drying nice and slow, which equates to a less perfect finish due to hair getting curly, but a much happier Kirby….Worth it!!! Mom […]


Mitzi is afraid of a lot of things. When I walked into her house she was doing a lot of nervous barking. As soon as she got into the trailer with her sister and we started listening to music,she became very calm. Calm new atmosphere=calm dog. A+ for Mitzi!


Miss Charlie told me all about what she thought about getting a bath today….(there may have been a few swear words in there) but she was done quickly and will be much cooler for summer after getting a de-shed to remove a ton of undercoat. How cute is this smile?!?!