Monthly Archives: April 2016

This little Havanese boy is in the shelter and had his groom today before he is neutered in a couple days. He’ll get to go to his new home clean and freshly groomed. Here he is before and after:  

Shelter Havanese

Danny is such a sweet smooth collie. He’s an older gentleman and has trouble standing for long, but does his best to stand on the table to help me while he’s being groomed.


Bunny was a little jumpy and nervous about the grooming process for the first five minutes he was being worked on, but he quickly settled in, was done within an hour, and a happy camper. I’m loving this confident smile of his after his bath and clip.


Bubba after his summer shave with some temporary color on his ears to match the bow tie his little boy picked out for him. Here he is before his hair cut. He was feeling really good afterward. He’s ready for the summer!

Bubba is ready for summer!